Qualifier 2 (N), Indian Premier League at Ahmedabad, May 26 2023 – Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai Indians, Indian Premier League 2023 2023, Qualifier 2 Match Live Score, Summary |

Gill’s perfect turns the IPL 2023 final into a rematch of Qualifier 1. This time, it’ll be the Gujarat Titans at home, taking on Chennai Super Kings. Titans have the chance to be the first IPL franchise to win the league in their first two attempts. For now, it’s goodbye from me, Ekanth, my co-commentator, Deivarayan Muthu, and our scorers, Thilak Rama and Venkat Raghav.

Hemant’s match report is up, check it out.

KS: “MI fans be like: Gill giveth, Gill taketh.. (beating RCB in league and MI in Q2)”

Shubman Gill, POTM: Playing ball-to-ball, assessing the situation is important. The over I hit three sixes is where I felt it was my day. It was a good wicket to bat on and I wanted to maximise scoring. (On six hitting) Not a conscious decision, you want to keep evolving. Belief is more important, helps when you’re coming off a good international season. Success has been a combination of a lot of things. WI tour last year began change. I was injured in 2021 which is when I worked on my batting I made technical changes as well. (Handling expectations) It doesn’t matter when you make your way into the playing field. This is my best innings so far in the IPL.

Hardik Pandya, GT Captain: Lot of hard work has gone behind it, guys have worked hard and their success is reflecting. Shubman’s clarity and amazing innings is what’s keeping him on top. He wasn’t rushed or not in control at any point. He’s a superstar who will do big things for the franchise and the country. My job is to keep the boys in a good space. Everyone has taken responsibility which has been fantastic. Rashid has been amazing, especially when we’ve not been in a commanding position. Irrespective of the result, if we play our best cricket we should do well in the final.

Stat from Sampath: MI in IPL 2023:
Six times scored 200-plus – Most by a team in an IPL edition
Six times conceded 200-plus – Most by a team in an IPL edition

Rajkumar Lingav: “Early preparation for Green, Rohit, SKY, Ishan for WTC. Gill, Bharat, Shami, Rahane and Jaddu will join little late.”

Mohit Sharma, 5 for 10: I was lucky to have taken a quick five-for. Ball was skidding well even in the chase, looked like game will slip if SKY and Green get going. I thought I wouldn’t experiment when SKY’s batting as that’s what we studied ahead of the game. We were okay being hit for six sixes off length balls as that’s more difficult. Match wasn’t over after SKY was out but there was relief and we were at comfort. The game wasn’t over till the last ball, we’ve learned in the past that it’s not over till then.

Rohit Sharma, MI Captain: Shubman batted well, wicket was good. They got 20-25 extra. We were positive after the first-half. Greeny and Surya batted well but we lost our way. We wanted to give it a good crack, be positive. We couldn’t get going in the powerplay. We wanted one batter, like Gujarat did, and take the game deep where anything can happen on a good pitch and a ground with a small boundary. But credit to GT, who played well. Kishan’s concussion was unexpected. It was a last-minute change. We had to adapt, to different conditions and situations. Not looking at that though. Playing this game, qualifying and coming this far is big, the batting has been a big positive we can take into the next season. All the bowling teams have been challenged. We had a great performance last game. We have to credit Shubman. I hope he continues that form (laughs). Tim’s been given a role this season, I wanted to send Vishnu up. It didn’t work out today.

Arun Prakash : “Can’t blame the toss. MI chose chasing because that’s what they were good at in a batting pitch throughout this season. They were just outplayed by a masterclass innings by Gill. Also, some forced injuries for MI made it an one sided game! “

Bala: “See purple cap table ..all top three are from GT Shami -28 , Rashid-27 and Mohit -24″

11:57pm: Titans move on from their Qualifier 1 slip-up with a thumping win, thanks mainly to being the Gillionaire franchise. Sachin Tendulkar praises him in the post-match handshakes. MI came into the mammoth chase with a disadvantage, losing Ishan Kishan to concussion. Nehal Wadhera’s promotion to the top didn’t work, Rohit missed out too. Shami was the new-ball striker. Green went back retired hurt after being hit in the forearm, Tilak skyrocketed a cameo that kept them in the chase. Green came back, joined SKY who was working his way from mistiming balls to closing in on nearing his best. But Rashid, despite being more expensive than usual, kept his run rate well under the asking rate. Noor did as well. Little and Mohit came on late, the former took out Green and when the latter knocked over SKY, the game was effectively done.

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