Gurgaon’s active Covid cases below 100 for first time in 13 months

For the first time in over 13 months, the active Covid cases in Gurgaon fell below 100 – a first since May last year.

According to the daily bulletin issued by the district health department, with nine new cases emerging on Tuesday and 13 people recovering from the infection, the active case count, which was 101 on Monday, has now dropped to 95. Of these, 80 people are in home isolation.

The last time the number of active cases was below 100 was on May 21, when Gurgaon had 99 active Covid cases. A day prior, on May 20, was the last time the active case count was 95.

Gurgaon has, for over a month now, been seeing a massive drop in Covid cases after recording a surge between the end of March and the end of May.

In the last two weeks, there has been a consistent drop in the number of new cases emerging despite the number of tests remaining almost the same. While 74 new cases were recorded when 26,806 tests were conducted in the week between June 21 and June 27, a total of 54 new cases emerged from the 27,218 tests that were conducted last week. This week, a total of 13 new cases have emerged so far, with 7,747 people being tested.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Dr. Virender Yadav, Civil Surgeon of Gurgaon, however, warned that people need to continue to follow precautions.

“We are the only district in the country that, despite having recorded almost two lakh Covid cases, has an active case count of less than 100. This improvement has happened because of our focus on testing – we are testing as many people as possible per day – as well as the fact that we ensure the reports are immediately available within 24 hours so that people can be isolated and receive treatment in time. This also helps to prevent fatalities due to the infection,” said Dr. Yadav.

“However, it is critical that people continue to follow precautions. The infection has reduced but it is not over as yet, masks must continue to be work and social distancing must be followed,” he said.

According to the district health bulletin, Gurgaon has so far recorded 1,80,726 cases of Coronavirus, of which 17,97,18 people have recovered from the infection and 913 have succumbed to it.

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