Here’s What Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray Has To Say About the Sakinaka Rape Incident

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray condemned the heinous rape-murder of a woman in Mumbai’s Sakinaka. In light of this, he proclaimed that the case be fast-tracked, in addition to instructing the Mumbai Police to accelerate the inquiry and ensuring that the case’s charge sheet be filed in a month.

The Chief Minister stated that the occurrence was a shame to humanity and on Saturday evening, he called an urgent meeting of senior IPS officers from the island city. According to reports, he mentioned that the city’s picture as a safe city shouldn’t be tainted.

Thackeray elaborated that, special prosecutors be assigned for the case, without awaiting the case to be acknowledged in the court. Strictest punishment be given to the culprits so that an example of prompt justice, be offered, therefore, no one dares to undertake such an activity.

He further elucidated, based on reports, that forensic and electronic evidence be adequately given to the court and no lapses be made that could make the case weak. He also instructed that “Nirbhaya” squads be instituted with women police officers even in police stations, to make Mumbai safe for women. He wants this squad to patrol susceptible regions of Mumbai. Assistance should also be sought from NGOs to shift homeless and alone women to secure areas, with the police being asked to keep an eye on these areas.

He added that rigorous watch be kept on history cheaters and sex predators. Because CCTV has a pivotal role in administering the city, the second phase must begin soon to screen areas that earlier weren’t.

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