HC makes Ernakulam Collector read out the meaning of ‘disaster’

Kochi: The Kerala High Court’s Division Bench on Tuesday instructed the State government to take steps to check the increase of plastic waste in Kerala.

While considering the suo motu case on the fire and smoke from the Brahmapuram waste yard, the court said plastic waste is increasing even in spots like Munnar.

The court also asked many questions to Ernakulam District Collector and the Kochi Municipal Corporation Secretary, who were present at the session online.

It also asked the Collector to explain what ‘disaster’ means in the context of the Disaster Management Law, and he was even made to read the explanation on the same in the context, reported Manorama News.

Action in Brahmapuram fiasco
On Monday, the court had asked the Pollution Control Board (PCB) to elaborate on the action to be taken against the authorities of the Brahmapuram waste dumping yard for the huge fire that filled the city with smoke for 12 days until it was totally put out on Monday (March 13).

When the PCB chairman said that the Corporation would be fined for the same, the court asked whether depositing the fine amount in the bank be a solution for all the adversities the people here faced, reported Manorama News.

The court observed that all laws regarding solid waste treatment were broken at Brahmapuram, and commented that the place’s name itself has to be rewritten following the accident.

The court also asked the Corporation to produce all documents regarding the waste treatment contract. It also demanded details on the amount spent on waste treatment in the past seven years.

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