Hop Into the Lunar New Year With a Look Back at Rabbit-Themed Fashion

Today marks the beginning of the year of the rabbit, one of the dozen animals of the Chinese zodiac. Clever, cuddly, and super quick, these long-eared mammals are fashion favorites. Designers have paid homage to fictional hoppers Bugs Bunny and Miffy, as well as Hugh Hefner’s bunnies, who are of a different ilk. Yoon Ahn and Steven Stokey-Daley offered more abstract takes on rabbit iconography at Ambush and S.S. Daley, respectively. Researching this story revealed an interesting trend of designers donning bunny costumes for their bows. As far as we can tell, this tradition was started by the Voyage designers in Milan in 2003 and revisited by Alexander McQueen in 2009 and Marni’s Francesco Risso eleven years later. Who’ll be next to hop on the trend?

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