How to identify sweet mango without cutting it? Know these 3 tricks to avoid sour mangoes

Image Source : FREEPIK How to identify sweet mango without cutting it?

How to identify sweet mango without cutting it: Mango season is here and it is common to make mistakes while buying mangoes. Yes, you are not the only one who buys sour and tasteless mangoes from the market while in the process of trying to pick the sweetest ones. This is a common mistake and people are tired of buying sour mangoes at a high price thinking that they will be sweet. So here are a few useful tips and tricks to help you pick the sweetest mangoes.

How to know whether the mango is sour or sweet without cutting-

1. Look at the joint between the top of the mango and the stem

First, take the mango and look at its top where it is attached to the stem and the tree. Now take a deep look at the mango bulge here. For example, if the area of the mangoes at the stem point is sunken and its nearby area is emerging from the side or is visible separately, then it is a fully ripe mango and it will be sweet. But, if the area of the stem point is visible outside of the mango and the size of the body of the mango is smaller then it means that it could have been bigger, it has been plucked earlier and even if it ripens, it will be less sweet.

India Tv - How to identify sweet mango without cutting it?

Image Source : FILE IMAGEHow to identify sweet mango without cutting it?

2. Look at the bottom of the mango

Now check the mango from the bottom. If black or dark colored or dry skin is seen on the underside of the mango, it means that these are not fresh ripe mangoes. It is old, its water has started drying up or it has become overripe. Such mangoes may look beautiful but they will not be sweet. 

3. Smell and feel the mango

Now after doing both these things, try touching the mango somewhere in the middle. If even after a slight pressure, the mango is pressed comfortably but is not soggy, then it will be sweet. Over-ripening spoils the taste of mangoes so never buy a mango that gets pressed even at the slightest touch. Apart from this, a different beautiful aroma of sweet mangoes will come once you smell it. The smell is such that it does not enter the nose immediately but can be felt. On the other hand, overripe or spoiled mangoes will give a smell similar to vinegar or a musty smell.

So, understand these three things and then only buy mangoes. Instead of going by its size and color, pay attention to these three things.

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