How Valuable Is Microsoft MS-100 Certification Exam to Your IT Career?


The IT domain is a vastly dynamic environment that keeps changing to accommodate the requests from customers for IT solutions. In light of this, Microsoft is constantly coming up with new solutions and improving the already existing ones. This has led to significant growth in the demand for certificates from it. One of them is the highly coveted expert-level certificate called the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert. However, earning it requires passing a set of two exams which are the MS-100 and MS-101 exams. In this article, we will focus on the MS-100 certification test, in particular, and look at its benefits to a career in the IT space.

Value of MS-100 Exam to IT Career

Though the MS-100 evaluation alone does not earn you a certificate, it still has tremendous advantages that come with succeeding in it. So, here is how valuable this exam is to your IT career:

  • Cementing your credibility

It is a well-known fact that employers currently take certificates seriously. This means that background knowledge from college degrees is not enough. Thus, they are constantly on the lookout for professionals who are highly motivated and determined to be the best in the industry. Therefore, taking and passing the MS-100 certification exam shows them that you have the self-drive to be certified. This confirms your desire to be a certified expert hence showing how credible you are in the IT field.

  • Building and strengthening your professional network

The MS-100 test requires adequate preparation through learning. In all, there are many methods that are available to be used to acquire the knowledge necessary for it, and one of the best of them is by learning from your peers and other experts . This can be achieved through various available communities and support forums, where you can ask questions and get answers from leading professionals in the field. Through these discussions, you are presented with an excellent way of meeting and interacting with other IT counterparts from all over the world.

  • Drawing more skills

As you prepare to take the MS-100 test, you will have to study hard and maybe enroll in a training course. When candidates do this, they are taught many skills related to Microsoft 365. Even for those who already have some related knowledge, this can be a kind of refresher course. Consequently, by acquiring more competencies relevant in the IT industry, you will stand out among your peers who have not yet attempted the official test. This will result in more and better opportunities for you.

  • Uplifting your confidence

It is no secret that a majority of professionals in the IT scope view exams as a daunting venture that can be soul-crushing especially if they fail. When this happens, most of them give up and opt to stick with the designations they already have. But anyway, after passing the MS-100 certification exam, you will potentially have more confidence to take the MS-101 test and eventually get certified by Microsoft.


As we mentioned before, the certification associated with the Microsoft MS-100 exam is largely demanded in the IT industry. And from the bulleted list mentioned above, it’s clear that there are many advantages that come with passing such an evaluation. Therefore, attempt, pass, and enjoy the many perks that arise from this undertaking!

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