How Yoga helps people overcome mental stress during work

In today’s dynamic world, work stress has become a common feature. Many times professionals don’t even realize that several aspects of their job are causing them tension and stress until they reach their breaking point. Things like changes in job roles, the arrival of a new manager or even the need to learn a new skill can be a stressor. As per a study conducted by ICICI Lombard General Insurance, 74% of women and 80% of men are stressed because of work and inappropriate rest. While stress seems to have become a part and parcel of our lives, we must have a coping mechanism ready to keep it at way.

Yoga is an ancient practice that plays a critical role in maintaining mental peace and keeping feelings like stress, tension or anxiety at bay. It is regarded as one of the oldest techniques to boost self-development. Here are some asanas that will help you manage stress effectively- 


Alternatively known as the easy pose, it helps in lengthening your spine and opening the hips. Practising this exercise will give you a sense of calmness and control your anxiety. It is even helpful in fighting both physical and mental exhaustion. To perform it sit straight, extend your legs, and then slowly bend your knees, bringing your left foot under your right knee and vice versa. With your palms placed on your knees, look ahead and take deep breaths. You can stay in this position for about a minute, then change the placement of your legs and repeat. 


If you are looking for full-body relaxation, then this pose should be your go-to. It is a very simple asana that will help you focus on your body and relieve all the tension. It stimulates slow breathing and reduces your blood pressure levels. “Shavasana” is a great way to calm your nervous system too.  To do it, lie flat on the surface with your eyes closed, legs together, arms on either side and palms facing upside. For best results, be in this for around 10  minutes and while doing so focus on every detail of your body starting right at the top of your head. 


Sitting on the chair or the ground one joins hands together and stretches hands above your head. Helps gentle stretch to your shoulder region, upper back and lower back. All these areas are ones, which show signs of fatigue when one is working for long hours on desk or is under heavy load. This can be done as three four times a day while seating at work place 


It is an exercise that is considered a great way to stretch your entire body. All you have to do is bend forward and stretch your body so that your palms can touch the ground. It is regarded as a promising method to fight mild depression and stress. This pose also has several physical benefits like improving liver and kidney functions along with strengthening your knees. 

Pran Dharna (Mental Relaxation)  

An integral part of yoga, it is a great habit to inculcate in your lives. Breath awareness not only reduces stress but also helps improve your memory and concentration power. Start by sitting straight with your back straight and your eyes closed. Now, focus on breath going in and out  about 5-10 minutes. It is an art, which you can master with consistent practice.

Yoga is about your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.  Don’t wait. Start today to experience life-changing results. 

The author is Spokesperson, Kaivalyadhama

(Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own and do not reflect those of DNA.)


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  1. Awesome blog.Thanks for sharing this well-researched article on Yoga helps people overcome mental stress during work. I really like this concept of stress leave as today we all are dealing with corporate stress. We all have to keep our mental health as top priority. Although I follow blogs on to reduce my stress using ayurvedic remedies. I will definetly add your blog to my list.

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