Hyderabad: Himagiri doctors perform complex surgery on Mosque Imam

Hyderabad: A team of doctors led by Dr Ahmad Abdul Khabeer of the department of surgical neurology at Himagiri Hospital on Monday has successfully performed a complex surgery on an Iman of a city mosque.

A 28-year-old, Hafiz Mukram, Imam of Jamia Masjid, Maneguda, was suffering from recurrent Schwannoma a rare type of tumour that forms in the nervous system.

Parapharyngeal tumours are difficult conditions to operate as they are in a very crucial area of skull base intimately related to major blood vessels (branches of carotid artery,tributaries of jugular vein),lower cranial nerves etc).

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Surgical excision is the first line of treatment, it is suspected that he needs a dissection through the mouth, can open in the neck, tear the lower jaw, cover the neck with muscle flap and close by covering the lower jaw. Lastly, he might need tracheotomy and ventilator support.

His request for funds was posted on social media on September 2, 2021.

Dr Ahmad Abdul Khabeer and his team operated the case using an endoscope through the oral route. The tumor was carefully analyzed millimeter by millimeter, to prevent injury to large vessels and nerves. Although it seemed impossible to remove it completely, it was all done successfully.

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