Hyderabad Liberation Day being observed today

Hyderabad Liberation Day being observed today

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Hyderabad Liberation Day is being celebrated today to mark the historic accession of the princely state of Hyderabad into the Indian Union. ‘Operation Polo’, as the famous “Police Action” was codenamed, brought down the curtains on an oppressive Nizam’s rule on this day in 1948.


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Even after India became independent, people of Hyderabad state had to wait for 13 more months to get freedom.  Common people had to face difficulties during the period and especially farmers resorted to armed struggle to protect their rights. That must be the only struggle in the world in which farmers took up arms for getting due rights over their lands. The unique struggle encompassed the fight against the Nizam, and his feudal system which ultimately turned into an armed campaign for land. The firm decision taken up by the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to initiate police action ultimately made the merger of Hyderabad State into the Indian Union a reality. This became possible only when the Indian army took up the police action against the Nizam rule and his private army of Rajakars for five days. At the end of the operation, the last Nizam of the Asaf Jah dynasty, Mir Osman Ali Khan announced seize fire on this day in 1948. However, successive governments in the state of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and even after separate Telangana State was formed, have desisted from celebrating the occasion at the official level. Celebrating the day became contentious among various political parties. Some political parties observe today as liberation day while some others call it an accession day. While political parties stick to their stands, many of those who participated in the struggle and their families feel that the nation should remember this day for its historic importance.

However, several programmes are being lined up in Hyderabad and other parts of Telengana, which is a part of the then Hyderabad state. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be addressing a public meeting on the occasion scheduled this afternoon at Nirmal town.
Home Minister Amit Shah today greeted people of Telangana and the Marathwada region on Hyderabad Liberation Day. In a tweet, Mr Shah said, on this historic day, he bow to the brave martyrs who fought against the cruelties of Razakars and Nizams. He said, the Nation will always remain indebted for their supreme sacrifices.

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