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Hyderabad: The zoo authorities said Nehru Zoological Park will be reopened to visitors from 11 July (Sunday) at 08:30. Visitors are requested to COVID-19 protocol as approved by the Chief Wildlife Officer.

In the run-up to its reopening, the zoo authorities said on Friday COVID-19 protocol is mandatory for all visitors to undergo thermal screening at the point of entry; visitors with symptoms of colds and fever may not enter the zoo.

Children under the age of 10 and adults over the age of 65 are advised not to visit the zoo, especially on weekends and public holidays. The NZP officials said all digs are open except the next facilities which will remain closed until further orders.

  • Natural History Museum etc.,

The BOVs and toy trains (with batteries) must be staffed at 50 percent to provide norms for social distance. However, a family can book the entire BOV exclusively for use. The booking of guest houses is also stopped until further orders are made.

All ticket counter rows are marked according to social distance criteria. The visitors are advised to follow social distance while buying tickets, the zoo officials further said. All visitors must use the medication footbath at the zoo entrance and only follow the six-foot walking distance while in the zoo premises.

The zoo authorities have stated that it is mandatory for all visitors and staff to wear face masks from the point of access and during the visit. Access without a face mask in the zoo is not allowed. Offenders are fined Rs. 200 / – per head and in case of an argument is expelled from the zoo.

Visitors are advised not to touch barrier stripes and other surfaces to limit the chance of spread and pollution and to move only on designated roads. The visitors may also use only the designated places to eat food.

Spitting in the zoo’s premises is strictly prohibited and is punishable by a fine of Rs. 1000 / – according to section 484 of the GHMC Act 1955, the zoo authorities added.

Source: The Siasat Daily

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