‘I am in the mood for action’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nagarjuna/Twitter

Telugu famous person Nagarjuna has began taking pictures for his new Telugu movie.

“It is directed by Praveen Sattaru. He’s a big name in Telugu cinema with many hits to his credit,” he informs Subhash K Jha.

“We might be taking pictures in Hyderabad, London, Goa and Ooty. It’s an out-and-out motion movie.

“I am in the mood for action. Enough of family dramas, love stories and bio-pics. The audience wants to see some solid action on screen; I think I am up to it,” says Nag.

“I’ve never felt fitter in my life, so my forthcoming films will be action-dominated. Even my next release Wild Dog is an action film.”


‘I am in the mood for action’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nagarjuna/Twitter

Ashishor Solomon’s Telugu movie Wild Dog would have been launched in 2020.

“But you know what happened. 2020 is a year we want to blur out of our calendars,” he continues.

“We had completed a majority of the film before COVID-19 struck. We resumed shooting in September. I have been shooting non-stop since then.”

Shedding mild on his position in Wild Dog, Nag says, “It’s about a political extraction. We play R&AW agents who have to extract a jihadi from a hostile country. Though it is based on a real incident, we have fictionalised it. Nowadays, one can’t be too careful.”

‘I am in the mood for action’

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