“I relate to his helplessness”: Daisy Bopanna after seeing John Abraham breakdown

Actress Daisy Bopanna reminisces the time she spent discussing animal cruelty with John Abraham on the sets of Garam Masala. It is widely known that John backs PETA in their fight against animal cruelty, what many people are unaware about is that his co-star from the movie Garam Masala also shares identical views on the matter. It is one of the many things they bonded over on the sets.

After seeing John breakdown on KBC while watching the video of animals being abused Daisy said: “My heart went out to the actor as I relate to his helplessness. I wish a lot more people were as sensitive to all beings, not just humans, then this would certainly be a better world.” The actress along with her team has fought animal abuse and has recovered, rescued, and recuperated more than a hundred cases.

Daisy also observes a vegan lifestyle and is among the bevy of stars who have incorporated the same in their diet for their furry friends. “I think having an icon like john to display true and unadulterated compassion is quintessential as it will influence a lot of people to live, think, and consume consciously and ethically. I have also given up on leather clothes, gelatine capsules, honey, etc. to go completely vegan. I decided to go fully vegetarian at the age of 15 when she saw a chicken being culled for its meat. As a human being, I decided to not be the cause of suffering for any being. I believe this lifestyle has also helped me achieve my health and fitness goals and pray that people take up the cause as their new year resolution” added Daisy as she signed off for the moment.


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