IIT-Bombay to conduct exams in hybrid mode – Read details here

On Saturday, September 11, the Indian Institute of Bombay (IIT-B) announced that it would conduct the mid-semester exams in a hybrid mode wherein students who are not on the campus will give the exams online and those on the campus will give the exams offline.

Subhashis Chaudhuri, director of IIT Bombay addressed the same and said that due to the state guidelines they weren’t able to hold the lectures online however since many of their students are available on the campus so they decided to provide them “a real feel for the exam” by inviting them to write their exams offline.

He said that it will be beneficial for the students and also make them less stressed about the exams as they will be able to provide them with an ambience of exam rooms.

Furthermore, he said that around 1,500 of their students are giving the exams in offline mode but attending the lectures in an online mode.

Since the lockdown, that began in March, the institution has been shut and early summer vacation was announced on April 1. Their teaching and academic activities, including their research work, were held online.

Undergraduate students, incoming masters, and PhD students can complete their semester remotely, however, masters’ students have to complete their research work compulsorily, and therefore if scholars who need access to the laboratories will be allowed on a priority basis.

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