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HYDERABAD: Researchers on the IIT Hyderabad have developed a brand new battery that they declare will work as effectively because the presently used lithium-ion batteries however will likely be environment-friendly and cheaper.  The new battery — dual carbon battery — can minimize the general battery value by as a lot as 20 to 25 p.c, factors out Dr Surendra Kumar Martha of the Department of Chemistry at IIT-H.

Dr Martha, who led the workforce of researchers, talking on the effectivity of dual carbon battery, mentioned its vitality density is presently round 100-watt hour per kilogram and will be pushed to 150 W-h/kg with additional modifications, near that of presently used lithium-ion batteries. Energy density provides data on how a lot vitality a battery accommodates in proportion to its weight. 

Dr Martha mentioned that additional analysis will likely be performed to extend vitality density of the dual carbon battery, in order that it may be launched as a less expensive different to lithium-ion battery. The IIT-H analysis workforce believes the brand new battery might discover use in excessive voltage functions, refined battery-run medical units, in electrical autos and stationary grids.

Lithium-ion batteries are made out of poisonous heavy metals like cobalt, nickel, manganese, and so on which are expensive, must be mined from Earth, trigger environmental hurt and are generally related to unethical practices like baby labour. Also, availability of those metals relies on worldwide geopolitics, inflicting frequent fluctuation of their prices whereas utilization of dual carbon battery will assist deliver market value stability, identified a press launch on the innovation by IIT Hyderabad. However, the dual carbon battery makes use of carbon, which is well obtainable and isn’t harmful just like the heavy metals. It makes use of carbon filter mats, which act as each electrodes — cathode and anode.

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