In a New Photo Series, Stylist Alexander-Julian Gibbson Takes Ordinary Families to Extraordinary Places

Navigating wardrobe requests

As a stylist, Gibbson has always established strong relationships with brands, designers, and creators alike, which came in handy for the project. “I try to speak with the designers directly. I felt that the only way I could garnish support for this project was to make sure it wasn’t just my dream, but their dream, too,” he says. “I wanted to work with designers who are in touch with their culture, and that’s a part of their story. I wanted to make sure I tapped into people who felt the same way about telling these sorts of stories.”

The wardrobe for the project was right on the mark for what each family required; whether it was the coolness of Rhude, with its Philippine DNA, or the Haitian boldness of Pyer Moss. “Community was a major part of finding [what I needed],” says Gibbson. “Johanna Ortiz was sending pieces in the midst of Colombian protests, [and] I was able to pull pieces from designers back home [in Lagos] and from Nigerian designers based in the States. It was tough, but I feel like we all found a way to tell our story within this project.”

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