In real life, you have to be your own ‘Ranchordas’: Comedian Niharicka Singh

“You cannot make everyone happy,” begins well-known YouTube comic and content material creator Niharicka Singh in her TEDx speak.

The second any attention-grabbing concept crosses her thoughts she sparks like a firework preparing to work on it. “I [however] start self-doubting”, Niharicka — higher referred to as ‘Captain Nick’ — provides. 

She ponders on questions like ‘what if they make fun of me?’ ‘What if I don’t get sufficient views?’ ‘What if they don’t respect my efforts for mentioning a brand-new subject like this?’

Expressing her heartache in the direction of the pre-stage of making movies, the YouTube sensation says: “Thinking about all this every time, it crushes your soul, you feel like your heart is slowly sinking, you feel lost at times… There’s so much hate at times that you don’t understand why you are receiving it.”

She opens up additional, sharing her largest life, classes in her profession — that one can by no means please its viewers at each stage. Likening life to characters like ‘Ranchordas’ and ‘Farhan’ from the movie ‘3 Idiots’, the YouTuber says: “In real life, we have to be our own Ranchordas”. 

“This is no one way to live your life, to seek for people’s approval whether you are good or bad. Keep working on yourself.”

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