India: Domestic Air Passenger Traffic Volumes Continue To Grow

Amid the approaching festive season, reports claim that the domestic air passenger traffic volumes at Indian airports continues to increase, but the volume of increase has reduced. 

Based on the data shared by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, last Sunday, 3.93 lakh domestic travellers boarded flights which are believed to be the largest number since COVID-19 hit air travel. On November 14, 3,85 lakh passengers flew, stated accounts. 

The proportion of growth this Sunday, in contrast to the last, was a mere 2 per cent. Previously, during the Sunday that fell near Diwali and Dussehra, it was the highest increase in passenger numbers. 

On October 31, 3.33 lakh passengers boarded flights, on November 7, 3.78 lakh decided to travel by air. This was a 13.5 per cent increase in volumes of passengers.

The rise in passenger traffic during the week of Dusshera in early October was 13 per cent. According to accounts, through the last few months, the foremost passenger numbers have usually been on a Sunday. On the flip side, the least volumes are seen on Tuesday. 

Certain reports have drawn a conclusion that high passenger traffic on Sundays is an indication of the demand for travel, especially for leisure travel. 

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