Is TRS trying to woo Opposition with farmers’ issues?

Hyderabad: Is the TRS chief KCR aiming to kill two birds with one shot – to cut BJP and the Congress to size, to stop them from stepping up the ante against the State government with farmers and other issues?

The TRS is reportedly cooing to woo the Left and other Opposition parties for fighting the BJP. And, the best opportunity it wanted to sieze to be closer with the Opposition is to lend its support to a farmers’ public meeting planned by the Bharatiya Kishan Union (BKU) here.

It may be mentioned that all major Opposition parties in the country have thrown their weight behind the BKU fighting for the past year on the Delhi border for scrapping three farm laws enacted by the Centre.

Now, as the BJP has stepped up its activities in Telangana sensing greener pastures to come to power or, at least, to occupy the space of being the main Opposition.

The TRS has been feeling the heat with growing intensity of the BJP’s political activities with the saffron brigade adopting a collision course with the TRS on various issues. Joined it is the TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy driving this party to take on the pink party.

Speaking to The Hans India, a senior BJP leader said, “the TRS chief is not clear about the fact that he can no longer be friendly with BJP at the Centre and as a foe in the State.”

Against this backdrop, he is trying to stoke passions among farmers projecting the Centre at fault on the issue of paddy procurement from Telangana.

To garner the support of the Opposition which have taken a consistent stand against the BJP for the past seven years, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, the best bet for him is to align with the Opposition to be on the same page with them. Accordingly, he is opposing the Electricity Bill, farm laws, demanding a law for guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP), the BJP sources added.

Against this backdrop, the TRS was all set to back the BKS planned meeting along with the Left and other Opposition parties, like the Congress.

However, CPM State secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram said his party welcomed the anti-BJP stand taken by the TRS chief. Earlier, he had said that he would invite all Opposition leaders for a meeting proposed at Warangal. But the CM had not responded earlier when Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan wrote to all the south CMs to take a stand against the farm laws.

He said, not just against the farm laws, the TRS should also fight the anti-people policies of the Centre. Adding, as of now the party does not have any truck with the TRS.

However, KCR is reportedly all set to woo the Left being on the same page of its anti-BJP agenda as well as aligning with any party which is against the BJP.

The BJP State leadership is of the view that the TRS-MIM-Left-Congress alignment in Telangana would come out in the open with the farmers’ meeting here. It would give more strength to the party to take on all of them in the same vein in the next general elections.

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