ITBP officer lost life savings to burglary; culprits on the loose

ALMOST A month has passed since burglars robbed valuables worth Rs 30 lakh at his house in Sector 32, but Deputy Commandant, Anil Jha of Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has been running from pillar to post to get a clue about them. The officer has met with several senior police officers except the DGP in the hope that they will be arrested and his lifelong savings, which he had kept at his house for the wedding of his only daughter, will be recovered. The incident had come to light on November 14.

“What hurt me more were the remarks of a police officer, who tried to turn the table around, questioning why did not I install CCTV cameras at my house. Now you tell me, earlier when CCTV cameras were not in place, did burglaries not happen in Chandigarh? I hold a senior position in the paramilitary force. If this is the status of my case, what will the situation of a layman? I urged the officers to transfer the investigation of my case to Crime Branch last week. We scheduled the weding of my daughter for 2022. Now all the plans have been put on hold,” Jha said.

The officer added, “Gold ornaments weighing around 28 tolas (280grams), diamond ornaments, watches, were all for the marriage of my daughter. Besides Rs 65,000 was kept along with the jewellery. We collected it using the money from my PF, some FDs, etc. Recently, I transferred from this area to Allahabad but I have been camping here to pursue the matter. During this time, I have been learning about the law and order situation in the city.”

The officer and his family had gone to his native place when burglars struck between November 5 and 14. Though Jha had deputed a sentry for the security of his house for nine days, but the sentry did not stay there and went to his village in Ambala. ASP (South) Shruti Arora said, “The investigation is on. The complainant had raised his suspicion on his sentry. We examined him and all technical evidence including the dump data of mobile phones, etc. Sometimes, such cases take time to solve. The complainant wished to send his case to the Crime Branch. We have started the proceedings.”

But there are many who are undergoing similar predicaments as Jha. The family of a retired customs officer was attending the pre-wedding ceremony of his son in Sector 22, when burglars struck his house in Sector 51 and decamped jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh last month. Since January this year, the city has witnessed around 71 burglaries, 545 thefts including vehicle thefts (490), and other thefts (55).


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