It’s a ‘sweet’ deal for cane farmers

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TIRUCHY: Eating wholesome has at all times been a subject of debate on a number of social media platforms. It scaled new heights when the lockdown started final March. One of the points typically mentioned is changing white sugar with more healthy options like nation sugar, typically often called ‘nattu sakkarai’. While firms are making a fortune promoting these options, farmers opine that they do not profit a lot from it.

Two youths from Tiruchy determined to assist such farmers and take their produce on to the patron. Manoj Dharmar and Vasanthanidhi bumped into a few sugarcane farmers whereas travelling to Dharmapuri. When they heard their tales, the 2 determined to assist the farmers.

The posts they printed on social media acquired a number of queries and the youths determined to acquire the produce from the farmers, bundle it and ship it to shoppers. The duo has already acquired 150 kg of pre-order for nation sugar. They plan to open a start-up and assist extra farmers within the coming months.

“We see many brands selling so called ‘organic’ country sugar, which is a sham. Just before going to Dharmapuri, I had seen a video about how some of these branded items are adulterated. When I met some farmers on my trip, I realised that their products are much better than those on market. I posted some videos and photos of these farmers on social media and a lot of people wanted to know how they could purchase it. That’s when I decided to help them out by taking their produce directly to consumers,” mentioned Manoj.

These sugarcane farmers work between Dharmapuri and Palacode. The income they earn by promoting sugarcane as nation sugar is way larger than promoting it as it’s. Manoj and Vasanthanidhi are paying the farmers Rs 10 to Rs 15 kg greater than wholesalers.

“Since there is lot of awareness now about the benefits of country sugar, the demand has increased. Usually, hydrogen sulfate is added while making this sugar. However, we have requested the farmers to make it without adding it,” added Manoj.

He defined that these farmers have mills close by to crush the sugarcane. A complete of 1.4 tonnes of sugarcane yields about 650 litres of juice, which is then processed.

Manoj had earlier helped avocado farmers in Kodaikanal in August and lemon farmers at MR Palayam.

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