It’s very easy for me because I happen to be in privileged position: Aamir Khan

Although Aamir Khan is away from social media, the celebrity has not been separated from the media. Mr Perfectionist, in a current interview, spoke at size about being privileged. The video shared by Aamir’s fan membership on YouTube has the actor talking about what holds him again and what drives him essentially the most. He additionally credited his mom who introduced him properly.

Aamir acknowledged, “For me, it is a journey, I am not sure if I’ll be successful, I am not sure I’ll reach my destination, sometimes I am not even sure what my destination is. I am always figuring out where to go, but the important thing is that I do it out of love. There are some primary emotions that all of us have, love and fear are two such primary emotions that we have when we enter this world. You’re born out of love. I’d like to tap into love as my primary emotion and use fear to propel me.”

The Dangal star additionally shared about how he pushed himself forward figuring out that he’s privileged. Khan stated, “There have been times when I have been down in the dumps, I’ve had my back against the wall and haven’t been sure how to get out of it, at such times, what is important for me is to not lose hope because when you lose hope, you lose all. I hesitate to say this as it is very easy for me because I happen to be in a privileged position. It is not that easy for someone who is not in a privileged position and has got their back against the wall.”

Aamir added, “It was a stroke of luck that I was born in Mumbai in a privileged environment, where my parents could afford an education for me and I had a sheltered childhood. If I was born in a village where I didn’t have resources, I’d be sitting there. I remark often that there is no difference between me and that gentleman sitting outside a temple in a village. It was just a matter of chance that he was born there and I was born here. Our rights are the same, our responsibilities too are the same, we ideally should look at each other as one.”

On speaking about what retains him grounded, the actor concluded by saying, “The credit should go to my mother, she has brought me up really well. Whatever I am today, whatever good that you see in me is because of the big influence that my mother has been on me. She is someone who is a big force in my life and continues to be so.”

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