Jamie Campbell Bower Brought His Signature “Undead” Style to the Saint Laurent Show

After a brief cat nap back at the hotel, Bower then changed into his polished yet macabre look for the show. “My personal style floats somewhere between gravedigger, the undead, and outlaw,” says Bower, who slipped into Saint Laurent’s long, double-breasted coat and wide-leg trousers. “I wanted to feel more suited and booted at this show. It’s classic Saint Laurent, and the cut of the coat I went for is a cut that I have always adored. And of course, it had to be black.”

At the show, Bower was first impressed by the theatrics of the presentation itself. “From a production and fan perspective, to see Charlotte Gainsbourg play the piano at the end of the show filled me with joy,” says Bower. “Anthony has a way of combining influences and his personality into collections that continue to be consistently effortless and cool, and I leave every show wanting every look in my wardrobe. However, the closing look from the show with the floaty cape really was the pinnacle for me.”

Photo: J2 Studio

After his whirlwind fashion week experience, Bower will now be setting his sights on Stranger Things’s fifth and final season, which begins filming sometime this year. He, of course, can’t tell us much yet. But, whenever it finally airs, he says it’ll be worth the wait. “I think we can expect monumental drama, a continued expansion of the world, and the end to end all ends,” he says. We’re already hooked.

Below, inside Bower’s Saint Laurent show day.

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