Karimnagar police cops trace, hand over baby who went missing from Mumbai

By Express News Service

KARIMNAGAR:  In less than four days, the Karimnagar police traced a nine-month-old infant who went missing from Mumbai and handed him over to the Bandra police, on Friday.After the baby’s parents registered a complaint in Bandra on August 31, the cops received information that the infant has been trafficked to Jagtial. They immediately contacted Karimnagar CP V Satyanarayana and sought help.Soon after receiving information, the police swung into action and initiated searches to trace the baby.

During probe, the officials learnt that the baby was with a couple living in Buggaram mandal. When they approached the couple, the police found that the two, who didn’t have any children, bought the infant from a Dish TV mechanic belonging to the same area for `3.15 lakh. Meanwhile, Express learnt that the childless couple approached the Dish TV mechanic recently asking if he knew anyone from whom they can adopt a baby. As per this, the mechanic contacted his friends in Mumbai, who in turn kidnapped the infant on August 29 and sold him to the couple.Soon after tracing the boy, Karimnagar police contacted their Bandra counterparts and handed over the baby.

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