Karnataka assembly to pass censure motion against burning of Kannada flag in Kolhapur

Belagavi: The Karnataka assembly on Thursday decided to pass a censure motion against the burning of Kannada flag by miscreants in Kolhapur and send it to the Maharashtra government to act against those elements.

The incident in the Maharashtra town reportedly happened on Tuesday when the Karnataka legislature session was in progress in this district headquarters town of Belagavi bordering the neighbouring State.


Maharashtra had been demanding merger of Belagavi and some other border areas with it claiming that substantial number of Marathi-speaking people reside there.

“We are hurt with this incident perpetrated by the miscreants belonging to Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) and Shiv Sena. Controlling and arresting them is the job of the Maharashtra government,” Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka said in the Assembly.

Stating that repeated occurrence of such incidents lead to clashes between communities, Ashoka said, “We will speak to the minister concerned. We will pass a censure motion and send it to the Maharashtra government to take action against the miscreants.”


Ashoka was replying to the point raised by the JD(S) MLA from Malavalli, Dr K Annadani, who said he was hurt with the attack on ‘Thaayi Bhuvaneshwari’ (Land of Mother Goddess).

Annadani alleged that the miscreants from the MES have been instigating violence with such activities.

“We respect all the languages and religion but our accommodative nature and tolerance is perceived as our weakness. Our self-esteem is hurt,” the MLA said.

He added that the pro-Kannada activists, who blackened the face of an MES office bearer in Belagavi when the latter was holding a protest against the Karnataka legislature session in the city, are still languishing in jail.


On the other hand, those who burnt the Kannada flag in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur with substantial Kannada population are “roaming scot-free”.

Annadani later announced moving the censure motion denouncing the act.

The leader of opposition and Congress leader Siddaramaiah too supported Annadani and said some “brainless people” perpetrated the act, which goes against the federal structure of the country.

“I denounce this incident as it leads to clash between states and communities. It results in intolerance,” Siddaramaiah said.


Earlier, the JD(S) MLAs had trooped in the well of the House asking the Karnataka government to act tough against the MES and ask the Maharashtra government to take action against those who burnt the Kannada flag.

Many people denounced the incident including former Chief Minister and JD(S) second-in-command H D Kumaraswamy.

“The MES miscreants insulting the Kannada flag is highly despicable. Burning the Kannada flag is the disdainful act of distorted minds. It is unpardonable to burn Kannada flag, which represent the pride of united Karnataka,” Kumaraswamy tweeted.


Siddaramaiah too took to the Twitter to express his anger and demanded that the Mahashrashtra government take action against the miscreants.

“Kannada flag, which is revered & approved by all Kannadigas, is our pride & identity. Insulting Kannada flag is insulting Karnataka & the emotions of Kannadigas. I urge @CMOMaharashtra to immediately arrest the anti-social elements who burnt our Kannada flag,” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

Kannada actors Darshan Thoogudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar too denounced the burning of flag and demanded action against the perpetrators.



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