Karnataka govt to assist fishermen in installing compact desalination units in boats

Mangaluru: The state government is considering assisting fishermen in installing compact desalination units in multi day fishing boats.

Minister for fisheries and port S Angara told this to reporters after he viewed the demonstration of the portable desalination unit on a boat on Friday.


The unit was installed in the boat in which Angara and officials traveled near Mangaluru fishing harbour.

The officials showed him how the unit working on reverse osmosis turned the saltwater from the sea into potable water. Angara tasted the water and declared that it was as good as normal water.

“Fishermen on Multi Day fishing boats are into deep-sea for 10-15 days. They have to carry water on the ship from the shore for drinking and other purposes. This unit will be of great help as it can easily turn saline water into normal water. They can save space in the boat and also will not face a shortage of water in any situation,” he said.


“I have seen the demo. It is good. The government will discuss how we can help the fishermen in installing such units in the boats,” he said.

He added that the fund under the Central government project could be used for the installation of the unit.

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