Karnataka: Petrol bunk manager robbed of Rs 4 lakh by two men dressed as food delivery agents

By Express News Service

MANGALURU: Two men wearing the uniforms of an online food delivery company attacked a petrol bunk manager and robbed him off Rs 4.20 lakh in broad daylight in Mangaluru.

The incident occurred around 12.30 pm on Tuesday when the petrol bunk manager, 56-year-old Bhojappa, from Gandhinagar was on his way to deposit Rs 4.20 lakh in a bank in Chilimbi.

Urwa police said when Bhojappa took a U-turn, the duo wearing uniform of an online food delivery company waylaid him and attacked him with a bat. The robbers then escaped with the cash.

Bhojappa suffered injuries on his head and shoulder. The police said that the robbers were tracking the movement of the petrol bunk manager and plotted the robbery.

Urwa police have registered a case and further investigation is underway.

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