Kate Winslet on Body-Shaming, the Power of Gen Z, and What Keeps Her Grounded

For Winslet, age has come with a certain amount of self-acceptance that allows her to buck negativity and embrace all aspects of herself, a feeling furthered by her role as a beauty ambassador—and an outspoken one, at that. “With L’Oreal Paris and previously with Lancôme, I have been so empowered to use my voice on the part of all women for all women,” says Winslet. “It’s been more significant in my life than I think that I even care to realize on a day-to-day level. It’s a responsibility, it’s a privilege.”

Along with a nearly vegan lifestyle (she cops to eating the eggs produced by her own chickens), Winslet finds wellness through fun times on set (she’s in the midst of filming the geopolitical satire series The Regime, which finds her cracking up mid take on a regular basis) and strong bonds with loved ones. 

“I have a lot of love in my life—I’m very lucky. I have an incredible husband, my kids are great, I have a really good extended family—that’s always my touchstone,” says Winslet. “Even in the moments I think, ‘Okay, this isn’t real, this isn’t really happening,’ whether it’s walking down the red carpet at the Oscars or standing onstage and winning two BAFTAs, I still know that we’re all going to snuggle up in bed and watch movies the next day, you know? And those are the special moments that definitely keep me grounded.”

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