Keep Track of All Your Belongings With These Super Stylish Backpacks

Photographed by Erwin Wurm, Vogue, December 2019

As working remotely becomes a habit, so too does schlepping our “offices” with us wherever we go—especially this holiday season. This has inspired our search for the best travel backpacks for women. Without the simple luxury of a permanent desk, many of us have been left lugging the weight of our laptops, chargers, and books over our shoulders to and from work each day. And now, with Thanksgiving travel fast approaching, the incentive to invest in a chic backpack is as clear as day.

Backpacks aren’t usually the most stylish; finding one that combines functionality and comfort while also catering to your aesthetic needs is no small feat. Like any bag, you want your backpack to comfortably fit all of your essentials—which inevitably occupy more space these days—without having to dip into the JanSports of your youth. So, whether it’s a sporty style that’ll take you from the office to the gym, a soft leather one for everyday wear, or a mini backpack for long travel days in transport or exploring a new city, we’ve rounded up the 16 best travel backpacks for women. They’re functional (and chic enough!) for remote work and travel.

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