Kidney Damage Symptoms: Foamy Urine And 10 Other Signs You Should Never Ignore

Kidney Damage Symptoms: Foamy Urine And 10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

Look out for these 10 signs and symptoms of kidney disease to stay safe.

Over 40 million people worldwide have renal disease, and the majority are unaware of it. Most renal disease cases go undetected due to the absence of visible and prominent signs and symptoms. According to experts, kidney disease manifests physically in several ways, but most of the time, these symptoms are misdiagnosed as being caused by other illnesses. Additionally, kidney disease sufferers typically don’t show any symptoms until extremely late in the disease’s progression. As kidney disease requires immediate attention and medical intervention, today, in this article, we will tell you 10 such signs and symptoms that can show up when your kidneys are not working properly.

10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

Never ignore these 10 signs and symptoms that can show up when your kidneys are in danger:


Severe renal failure can lead to the blood accumulating toxins and other contaminants. A patient suffering from kidney disorder may experience fatigue, a feeling of weakness, and difficulty concentrating as a result. Anaemia, which can result in weariness and weakness, is another side effect of kidney illness.

Trouble Sleeping

When the kidneys are not efficiently filtering the blood, toxins do not leave the body through the urine. It could be difficult to get to sleep as a result. Additionally, there is a connection between obesity and chronic kidney disease, and those with chronic kidney disease have a higher prevalence of sleep apnea than people without the condition.

Dry And Itchy Skin

When the kidneys are unable to keep the right balance of minerals and nutrients in your blood, severe renal disease is commonly accompanied by mineral and bone diseases, which can present as dry and itchy skin.

Frequent Urination

One of the most common signs of any type of kidney disease is a change in the urination cycle. When you notice that the need to urinate has increased (especially at night), you must get yourself checked for renal disease.

Blood In Urine

Blood cells are typically retained in the body when healthy kidneys filter wastes from the blood to make urine. However, when the kidneys’ filters are damaged, the blood cells may begin to “leak” into the urine.

Foamy Urine

One of the most common signs of kidney damage or kidney disease is foamy urine. Excessive bubbles in the urine, particularly those that need multiple flushes to disappear, are a sign that there is a protein present.

Puffiness Around The Eyes

Are you suffering from puffy eyes syndrome? This is happening mainly because your kidneys are releasing a lot of protein into the urine rather than storing it. Get yourself checked for CKD.

Swollen Ankles And Feet

As a result of salt retention brought on by impaired renal function, your feet and ankles may swell. Swelling in the lower limbs can also be a sign of liver disease, heart disease, or chronic leg vein problems.

Loss of Appetite

A reduced appetite is one of the renal disease warning signs. One of the causes of this is typically the accumulation of toxins brought on by impaired renal function.

Muscle Cramps

Kidney function issues can lead to electrolyte abnormalities. This can happen due to the excessive presence of phosphorus levels that may go out of control when kidneys are not functioning well, leading to muscle cramps.

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