Know how to check your car’s health from smoke colours

Any doctor can prescribe medicine for a disease. But a doctor’s skill lies in diagnosing the disease. Same is the case with cars. If the problems of the cars are diagnosed, then the solution will be easy. Cars, like humans, exhibit certain symptoms. Main among these is the exhaust smoke. By understanding the colour and smell of the smoke, one can identify many problems inside the car.

Blue smoke
If your car is emitting blue smoke, it could be a sign of oil burning in the compression chamber. Damage to the piston rings, valve seal failure, or crankcase ventilation problems can all be behind this.

White smoke
White smoke is a common problem in cars. This indicates the presence of water or coolant in the compulsion chamber. This could be due to a cylinder head failure or a broken gasket.

Black smoke is just as common a problem as white smoke. This may indicate high levels of fuel and air mixing. A faulty oxygen sensor usually leads to this problem. A faulty injector or a faulty air filter can also lead to this.

Unusual smell
Not only the colour of the smoke, but also the unusual smell that accompanies the smoke coming out of the car is a sign of trouble. A burning smell may be an indication of oil contamination in the compulsion chamber. If there is a rotten smell, it could be a problem with the catalytic converter.

So, from now on, watch out for car smoke from your car. This will make it easier to find out if any problems have happened to the car.

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