Know sehri, iftar timings for April 18, 19

April 2, 2022 marked the beginning of the Islamic month of Ramadan. This religious time of the year is celebrated with lots of rituals and festivities by Muslims all over the country.

During this holy month, mostly all Muslims keep ‘Roza’ (fast) to please Allah. Those who observe fast have to abstain themselves from eating and drinking during the day.

Muslims keeping Roza can eat the first meal of their day before sunrise. This pre-dawn meal is known as sehri. They can break their fast with the last meal of the day which is eaten after sunset. This meal is known as iftari.

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Notably, some Muslims who are older, pregnant or have some medical conditions are allowed to refrain from keeping Roza.

At night, Muslims offer special prayers to Allah. These are called as ‘taraweeh’. These prayers are performed with other Muslims, making Ramadan a positive festive atmosphere for all.

This year, Ramadan started on the evening of April 2 and will end on the evening May 2. Before the end of the holy month, Muslims will pay alms to the disadvantaged. This process is completed before starting the celebrations for Eid.

Since the time of sunset and sunset differs every day, the time of first meal and last meal also changes for Muslims keeping Roza. Hence, it is important to know the Ramadan timings of each day.

Here are the sehri and iftar timings for April 18 and 19

18 April 2022 Sehri: 04:30 am, Iftar: 06:49 pm

19 April 2022 Sehri: 04:29 am, Iftar: 06:49 pm

Let us tell you that the word Roza originates from ‘roz’, which literally means ‘day’ or ‘daily’. The word Roza is referred to as ‘sawm’ in the Qur’an. This means to abstain from things.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain themselves from not just food and drinks, but sexual activity too. They also void indulging in any kind of evil practices like lying and fighting.



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