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Hyderabad: Minister of IT and Industry, KT Rama Rao, not only helps the needy but also arranges help for the needy through local MLAs.

Mohammad Imran, a Twitter user, tweeted on Friday that his friend Satish, a native of Chakaligudem in Suryapet, died in an accident nine months ago, leaving behind a wife and three daughters. “Their family is poor. Please help them, sir, ‘he called on the Minister.

Immediately, Minister Tungaturthy asked MLA Gadari Kishore to help Satish’s family. The MLA went to the family and arranged for bank accounts to be opened in the names of the three girls and 50,000 Rs poured into each account.

Apart from handing over the documents, Gadari Kishore offered additional cash of Rs 50,000 as immediate financial aid to Satil’s wife Shilpa.

He also said that an outsourcing post would be provided to Shilpa and that her three daughters would be admitted to Gurukul schools. A two-bedroom house will also be allocated, he assured.

Source: Telangana Today

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