Leopard cubs leave Palakkad villagers in a spot of bother

By Express News Service

PALAKKAD:  Residents of Ummini in Akkathethara panchayat near Dhoni in Palakkad had a scary surprise as two leopard cubs were found in an unoccupied house on Sunday. The dilapidated house is located in a large compound and has been lying vacant for more than 15 years. 

“Once in a while, I used to come and check the compound and house. When I came to see the house around noon after a gap of three months, a sound was heard from inside. I thought that a dog had given birth and I knocked on the window to scare the dog and pups away. Then I looked inside through the window and saw a leopard running out of a room which sent shivers down my spine,” said Ponnan who has been deputed by the owner to oversee the property.

“When I told the local residents that I saw a leopard, no one believed me. They said leopards are only in Dhoni hills or in Cheekuzhi area. It is only after they saw the two cubs they believed me,” said Ponnan. 
The house belongs to Madhavan but is staying elsewhere. Abraham who lives next door said that he found Ponnan gasping for breath and running from the house. “He told me that he saw a leopard. We, the residents, were very scared,” he said.  

Forest officials were informed and members of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) arrived and took the cubs first to the Divisional Forest Officer’s office and later to the veterinary hospital to examine their health. The forest personnel said that the cubs were only three days old. 


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