Live breaking news Victoria: lockdown latests, covid case numbers

Victoria’s Covid response is on a knife-edge with Premier Daniel Andrews pleading with Melburnians to follow the rules.

He urged them to follow the lockdown measures – which were expected to end on Thursday – but flagged they could continue for months if the rules are not followed.

“The choice really is between where we are now and hundreds and then thousands of cases,” he said.

He pointed to NSW where daily cases were in the hundred with 415 new infections recorded on Sunday. It also comes as a series of people were busted for breaching the public health orders.

“I’m determined to make sure that it doesn’t happen here. I know no one’s enjoying this. But what’s worse than this is, well, being locked up till the end of October, or indeed the end of November because that’s how long it may well take to get 80 per cent of people through the vaccination program,” he said.

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