Lohri 2022: Know history behind the festival, significance, how to celebrate

The festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and it is celebrated as a welcome to sunny days. Lohri, also known as ‘Lal Loi’ is mostly observed by Sikhs and Hindus and they celebrate it by lighting bonfires, eating festive food, dressing up in the brightest traditional and dancing on folk dance and songs. There is a belief that Lohri represents the longest night of the year, and the day followed by the festival is called Maghi. The festival is also celebrated to thank the almighty for making a fruitful harvest possible. 

The significance of Lohri

Lohri marks the commencement of the harvest season. The festival is also celebrated to pay respects for making harvest possible. The Lohri night is considered the longest night of the year, thus it is also known as the winter solstice.

What do people do on Lohri night?

Families gather around the bonfire, they offer their respect to the ‘agni’ by taking rounds around it. People pray for the bygone year and the beginning of the new year. While revolving around the bonfire, people put til ki rewari, with unsalted popcorn (makai), gajjak, puffed rice into the fire. Later, people come together and eat traditional food, and they even exchange the prasad with each other. The night ends with a fun-filled dance and song ceremony, marking the beginnings of happiness and prosperity. 

The folksong of Lohri

During Lohri night, a popular song ‘Sundari Mundari’ is been played, and people dance with zeal and energy to the song. The song pays homage to Dhulla Bhatti, who rescued two Brahmin girls Sundari and Mundari from lascivious men and he fought against human traficking. The 2004 film ‘Veer-Zaara’ portrayed the Lohri night to perfection with the traditional song. 

Watch the song here

Lohri night is one of the most anticipated festivals in India, and it marks the beautiful beginning of the year. At this time, we all become one big family who pray for the betterment of mankind. 


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