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Lola Rykiel on Motherhood, French-Girl Style, and Her Line PomPom Paris

“French women do not dress for the category of being a mother (more conservatively), but more according to our bodies and our personal style,” says Lola Rykiel, the French designer and founding father of sportswear line PomPom Paris. Rykiel is, in fact, the daughter of the queen of knitwear, Sonia Rykiel, however she’s additionally a new mother—she gave delivery to her daughter on the finish of 2020. Throughout the dialog, Rykiel, who is taken into account the epitome of French-girl type, helps demystify the alluring and esoteric label, and she redefines the time period with motherhood in thoughts.

Rykiel refers to PomPom Paris, which she launched in 2019, as a set of “dramatic sportswear for everyday life.” With a historical past in dancing (Rykiel attended the Martha Graham School in New York), she was impressed by what dancers put on behind the scenes at rehearsal or backstage. With that in thoughts, Rykiel dreamed up easy leisurewear that works simply as properly at a dance class as it will an evening out dancing. The PomPom lady is “elegant and sensual” in free garments, she says.

According to Rykiel, the recipe for reaching peak French type within the many levels of motherhood is straightforward in principle: “Maternitywear is not widely used, at least for women who want to be fashionable,” she says. “I think that French women always want to stay stylish, chic, and true to their identity. French women want to keep their style while being fully pregnant, not hide for nine months wearing clothing made for maternity. Although it is not always easy to do, especially with the changes happening with your body, they try.”

Staying true to private type amid a altering physique relies upon on consolation stage, however Rykiel factors to easy, polished staples that she has personally turned to all through her being pregnant and postpartum for inspiration. “After giving birth, I have been drawn to wearing dresses, which I never really wore before being pregnant, unless [I was] going out. I had to avoid my favorite 501 jeans because of my C-section, so I quickly discovered dresses as my new ally.” She additionally discovered pleasure in gentle, colourful silk attire all through her being pregnant final summer season, in addition to a big off-the-shoulder gown paired with a brilliant, minimalist Eres swimsuit. “I gravitated even more toward shapes that showed the shoulder or décolleté,” she says. “I tried to put the accent on my face because my skin was glowing and on my hair because it was healthier than ever.”

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