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Mahabubnagar: The district administration is doing everything in its power to break its own record by preparing two crore seed balls under the Haritha Haram program this year. Last year, as part of the Haritha Haram program, the district administration prepared 1.18 crore seed balls involving various female SHGs.

District Collector S Venkat Rao said an action plan already exists to prepare two crore seed balls and break the previous record registered under Wonder Book of World Records. Venkat Rao addressed the officials during a virtual meeting to discuss the plans for the Haritha Haram program, and the task of preparing the seed balls was entrusted to SERP, MEPMA and Gram Panchayats. Training sessions will begin at mandal level from Monday, he said.

While grams of panchayats with a wide jurisdiction were asked to prepare 5,000 seed balls, medium-sized panchayats were given a target of 3,000 and those with a population of less than 300 would make 2,000 seed balls. The DRDA will make seed balls of 1.70 lakh and 30 lakh seed bulbs. Tahsildars need to identify lands for seedball plantations, he said.

The focus should be on preparing custard apples and other local species’ seed balls, he said, instructing officials to set up daily details on seed ball preparation, starting June 15. not growing, new trees should be planted in the same place. The emphasis should be on securing green along national highways, highways and other important roads, he said.

The task of planting on the sides from June 12 was entrusted to Tahsildars, MPDOs and officials of the Department of Forestry. The collector ordered officials to come up with action plans for the digging of 30 lacquer halls for plantations and wanted it to be submitted by Saturday night.

More than two lakh trees should be planted on Palamuru University premises and one lakh trees on Government Medical College premises. Services of NREGA employees should be used to record plantings under the Haritha Haram program, and he added that the works of Haritha Haram programs recorded in three to four mandals will be reviewed every day from Wednesday.

Source: Telangana Today

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