Maharashtra: Government Sets Up Committee To Determine Landslide-Prone Areas

Considering that in the recent past many landslides were reported in Maharashtra’s Raigad and Ratnagiri districts amid incessant rains, the Maharashtra government has decided to constitute a committee that will be spearheaded by Professor Dr Ravi Sinha of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), highlighted reports. The objective of this committee will be to detect landslide-prone areas in the state and suggest measures that should be undertaken to safeguard lives.

The committee is set to have 10 other members as well. Based on a report by the Indian Express, a senior official elaborated that they wish to identify areas that are prone to landslides during heavy rainfall so that they can move the people in that area to a more secure place in time.

Based on reports, in Raigad, 87 lives were lost in the Taliye landslide, in addition to the loss of nine lives in landslides in Ratnagiri’s Khed and Dapoli talukas.

On a similar note, the state cabinet on Wednesday gave clearance to a Rs 3,200cr Konkan disaster management program. Through this program, one can expect mitigation steps that will be taken to face disasters, in the Konkan region. Additionally, plans will be made for capacity building, warning systems, preparedness amongst other measures.   

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