Gross Direct Tax collections registered Rs 9.87 lakh crore for FY 2023-24

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2023

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The Gross Direct Tax collections have witnessed robust growth of 18.29 percent so far in this financial year with over nine lakh 87 thousand crore rupees. In the last financial year, over eight lakh 34 thousand crore rupees gross direct tax collections were recorded.


In a statement, the Ministry of Finance said that the direct tax collection recorded over eight lakh 65 thousand crore rupees, which is 23.51 percent higher than the corresponding period of last year. The Direct Tax collection for the last financial year stood at seven lakh 416 crore rupees. Meanwhile, the Advance Tax collections for this financial year stood at three lakh 55 thousand crore rupees with a growth of 20.73 percent. The Advance Tax collections for the corresponding period were recorded at two lakh 94 thousand 433 crore rupees. According to the Ministry, refunds amounting to one lakh 21 thousand crore rupees have also been issued so far.

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