Melania will leave Donald Trump and date someone else ‘before summer’, claims report

Amid experiences of a rift within the relationship between US President Donald Trump and his spouse Melania Trump, an internet site has claimed that Melania will divorce her husband earlier than summer time this yr.

According to a panel from, it’s stated that Melania is more likely to divorce Donal Trump within the upcoming months.

The web site claims that Melania is setting the plot for divorcing Trump and is more likely to divorce Trump ‘before the summer’. While one other Psychic and numerologist have additionally shared the identical feeling predicting ‘upheaval’ within the Trump family. 

The website says that Melania will be “courting one other outstanding enterprise determine earlier than the top of the yr she will be non-public concerning the matter.”

“When it involves her husband, Donald Trump, he’s a Gemini and after leaving the Presidential Office he’s more likely to go silent for 2 months. He will then rise and be an enormous driving pressure on this planet – larger and with extra affect than he had as President,” it added.

“He will also be working on a tell-all book about his life inside of the White House and reveal some dirty behind-the-scenes secrets. After experiencing many negative media campaigns during his time as President, he will have no fear of calling out certain individuals for their corrupt ways. What he has to say, and what he reveals, is going to shock and scare the political and business world,” stated the panel.

Earlier, one other psychic and numerologist had additionally shared the identical feeling predicting ‘upheaval’ within the Trump family. The Numbers Queen aka Sarah Yip stated that Trump was in 3 to 4-year completion section and “his numbers additionally recommend adjustments in his house life (peaking March April May 2021 ) because of his six personnel yr.

“Melania and Barron Trump even have upheaval of their charts throughout this era. This might recommend a transfer in residence and/or household and marriage transitions,” the Numbers Queen had stated.

In November, former Trump administration aide Stephanie Wolkoff had reportedly claimed that Melania and Donald had separate bedrooms within the White House, and their marriage was ‘transactional’. Another ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman additionally predicted that their marriage was nicely and actually over.

‘Melania is counting each minute till he’s out of workplace and she will divorce,’ information experiences cited Omarosa as saying.

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