Milma milk to cost Rs 6 more per lt from today, dairy farmers to get 83.7% of gains

Thiruvananthapuram: The increase in price of Milma milk packets in Kerala will come into effect on Thursday, December 1. Milma has raised the cost of milk by Rs 6 per litre.

The Cabinet had recently approved the increase in the price of milk sold by the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma).

A two-member committee appointed to study the price hike had recommended to the government to increase the price of milk by Rs 8.57 per litre.

But fearing that implementing a huge increase at one go could cause public anger, the Cabinet fixed the price hike by Rs 6 per litre.

A 500 ml pack of homogenized toned milk which costed Rs 23 at Milma outlets will now be sold for Rs 26.

According to Milma Chairman K S Mani, the split up of the increased cost is as follows: 83.75 per cent (Rs 5.025) to the dairy farmers, 0.75 per cent (Rs 0.045) to the Dairy Farmers Welfare Fund Board, 5.75 per cent each (Rs 0.345) to the dealers and societies, 3.5 per cent (Rs 0.21) to Milma and 0.5 per cent (Rs 0.03) for plastic waste management.

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