Mitch and Mark’s brutal prediction for this Block season

Still fuming over the “nasty” judges’ feedback, Mitch and Mark have delivered a grim prediction on the outcome of this season of The Block.

The Block contestants Mitch and Mark continued their spray against the show’s “nasty” judges in Monday night’s episode, even questioning the experienced trio’s judging qualifications.

And the pair made a dire prediction about their chances in the rest of the competition, insisting that the judges will never award them another room win.

The All-Star couple’s kitchen came dead last in Sunday night’s voting, with the judges marking them down over what they saw as a massive flaw: A lack of a pantry.

Mitch and Mark railed against the judging as it was delivered by Scott Cam, saying judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer “hadn’t seen modern kitchens,” were “clearly not ahead of the kitchen design game” and refusing each of their suggestions on how to improve the room.

They hadn’t cooled down by the next episode, as they had a chance to visit the four kitchens that beat theirs. They found faults in both Josh and Luke and Tanya and Vito’s kitchens, questioning why the judges hadn’t appeared to spot them.

“When we see inadequate kitchens getting praised, we think: You’re either taking the piss or you don’t know your s**t,” said Mitch.

“Walking through a couple of kitchens where the most obvious faults were staring you in the face, and if three judges who are supposed to be experts can’t see those, then their expertise has to be questioned. It’s inconsistent, and I can’t understand inconsistency,” said Mark.

“I don’t know how they can stand by their feedback. It’s quite impressive they can stand by that,” Mitch said of the three judges.

Mark also had a dire prediction for the rest of the series, saying he believes the judges won’t award he and Mitch another room win.

“We need to do this build without winning any more rooms. We won one, we won’t win another. I predict that’s exactly what will happen,” he said.

Mitch and Mark scored a distant last place with 22.5 on kitchen week – and dramatically walked out in Sunday’s episode as Scott Cam congratulated the contestants and started to brief them on the week ahead.

“I don’t have a lot of need for the judges’ opinion anymore,” said Mark after the scores were revealed. “Their feedback is irrelevant to us. Their opinion is irrelevant to us.”

“I’m supposed to listen to them? Go f**k yourselves,” said Mitch. “This is absolutely a farce. Out. See ya.”

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