Monkey In Karnataka Badly Injured An Auto Driver

A monkey in the Chikkamagalur district of Karnataka‘s Kottigehara village went 22 kilometres to exact vengeance on the people of the village.

The baby monkey of the Bonnet Macaque species was already grabbing fruits and food from Kottigehara residents. People were first uninterested in the monkey. The monkey was sighted circling about Morarji Desai School in the vicinity after the schools were restarted. Someone called the forest department’s official after youngsters were afraid of the ape prowling around the school grounds. On September 16, a rescue squad arrived to capture the monkey.

The forest authorities had a difficult time catching the monkey and had to enlist the help of surrounding auto drivers and other citizens to follow the monkey in a defined way in order to capture it. Following three hours, a team of more than 30 people attempted to capture the monkey. The monkey was released by forest department workers in Balur forest, about 22 kilometres from the settlement.

While auto drivers were helping them, Jagadish, one of the drivers, was bitten by the animal. It hopped up to him, bit his palm, and snatched him off his feet. The monkey pursued Jagadish as he fled to save his life. He chose to shelter in his auto-rickshaw, but the monkey stormed it and ripped the vehicle’s coverings off.

The crazed monkey followed him around everywhere. His injuries will take approximately a month to heal, according to his doctor, because it bit me so severely. His auto-rickshaw, which itself is his bread and butter, is not working. He also didn’t go home that day because He was afraid the monkey might follow him. At home, he have two small children and if the monkey would have followed him and had harmed his other family members along with him. This terrified him.

The residents resumed to their daily routine till the monkey reappeared in less than a week. The monkey leapt inside a truck passing by on a road near the woodland and made his way to Kottigehara. People identified him due to the mark on his ear. After reappearance of the monkey, Jagdish hides himself.

According to forest officer, they were not aware of the fact that why that monkey was particularly targetting a person. They were assuming that if the man was having past history of harrassing the monkey

On September 22, the monkey was apprehended for the second time. This time, it was released deep within the forest.

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