Mother punches a mountain lion several times to rescue 5-year-old son from deadly attack

An incident of close encounter with wildlife and bravado has surfaced from the state of California in the US where a mountain lion suddenly sprang up on a 5-year-old child playing in his home’s yard and dragged him across the front lawn.

The 30-kg panther was moments away from dragging the young boy away and to presumably a premature death when the heroics of his mother resulted in his rescue.

The mother, who was inside the house at that time, ran towards the beast and started to punch and strike the mountain lion with her bare hands in a bid to free her son from his clasp. Here bravery bore fruit and the mountain let go off the child.

The 5-year-old reported suffered major trauma and injuries to his head and upper part of the torso. He was rushed by his parents to a hospital and is not in a stable condition.

The police were notified about the mountain lion attack at the hospital after which a wildlife officer went to the location of the incident to look for the mountain lion.

They found the mountain lion crouching and hiding in nearby bushes and hissing at them. Concluding that it was the same animal who attacked the child, considering the proximity of the location and its behaviour.

The wildlife officer reportedly shot the mountain lion dead to ensure the safety of the public in the area. The mountain lion was confirmed as the one that attacked the child following DNA test done after the kill.

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