MSRTC Strike: Government Announces Pay Hike, Workers However Continue Agitation

On Wednesday, November 24, in order to pacify the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) employee’s strike, the state government proclaimed a pay rise of up to 41 per cent for the employees, highlight reports.

However, the employees stated that they weren’t happy with the rise and will only call off their strike when the state government accepts their demand for merging the corporation with the Maharashtra government.

After the second round of meetings, state transport minister, Anil Parab proclaimed the pay rise for the various slabs during a press conference. Even with Parab appealing to the personnel to resume operations, some continue to stay put.

According to accounts, Parab proclaimed an INR 5,000 monthly rise on the basic pay of those who have provided their service between 1-10 years. Additionally, an INR 4,000 rise for 11-20 years of service and INR 2,500 for those who have been with the corporation for over 20 years.

In addition to this, Parab also mentioned that the employees would receive a raise in their monthly allowance. During the meeting held on Tuesday, November 23, Parab stated that he proposed the pay rise until the court-appointed committee submits its reports.

The new hike will be in force from the salary of November, Parab, added however that since the government is looking to solve the issue, if the on-strike employees take another step, the government will be compelled to take a stricter step.

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