Mumbai: Byculla emerges as a COVID-19 hotspot with an increased rate of 0.12%

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) data has revealed that Byculla E-ward emerged as a COVID-19 hotspot. It has the highest weekly growth rate and lowest doubling rate in the city.

The cases have increased to 0.12% in the E-Ward, which is double the overall rate in the city. It also noted that there was a rise among the healthcare workers too. In the E ward, between September 3 and 11, nearly 72 cases were diagnosed.

As a precautionary measure to curb the rise of infection, the civic body has changed its testing strategy. They have made it mandatory to voluntarily test all residents in sealed buildings. The period given for the same is five days.

Additional municipal commissioner Suresh Kakani told Times of India that over 30 healthcare workers, who are working in the number of hospitals of E-ward, were contracted COVID-19 infection despite being vaccinated.

As per media reports, E ward officer Manish Walanju said that the COVID-19 positive healthcare workers are asymptomatic. They were diagnosed during the regular testing that takes place in the respective hospitals, he added.

According to the media reports, Malad that comes under the P-North ward has seen the lowest growth and doubling rate of COVID-19.

The city saw a rise in coronavirus cases after there was ease on travel and entertainment restrictions.

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