Mumbai caretaker kills employer and injures his wife in robbery attempt

He allegedly attacked the elderly couple he worked for, resulting in the death of the man and injuring the woman. The incident occurred on Monday night in Jogeshwari. The caretaker, Pappu Gawali, reportedly entered the couple’s home with the intention of committing robbery and then attacked the couple with a sharp weapon.

The man, Sudhir Chiplunkar, died on the spot, while his wife, Supriya Chiplunkar, was injured. She made an effort to get assistance nonetheless, throwing household things out the windows to get the notice of her neighbours and other building occupants. The police were called by one of the neighbours, who then showed up and brought the couple to the hospital. Sudhir Chiplunkar was regrettably pronounced dead on arrival.

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When the suspected caretaker attempted to flee to his homeland, he was eventually apprehended at Dadar railway station. He was arrested and charged with murder in accordance with the applicable Indian Penal Code sections.

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The police are now investigating the case and trying to determine the motive behind the attack. The incident has shaken the local community, causing concerns about the safety of the elderly in the city. 

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