Mumbai: COVID Cases Continue To Be Below The 500-Mark As On 19 September

Based on the covid-19 daily update released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the total positive patients of the coronavirus on 19 September 2021 in the Greater Mumbai area were 420.

An aggregate of 36048 tests was conducted, additionally, 523 positive patients recovered and were thus discharged. However, 5 deaths occurred due to the virus of which 4 patients had comorbidities, 4 were male and 1 was female. Whilst 4 deaths were above the age of 60, 1 was between 40-60 years of age.

With this, the recovery rate of the island city is 97% and the overall growth rate of coronavirus cases in Mumbai from September 12 and September 18 2021, is 0.06%. Similarly, the doubling rate of the city is 1222 days.

The data released by the civic authority, further elucidated that according to the containment measures taken 18 September 2021, there are no active containment zones in Mumbai, however, the number of active sealed buildings stands at 45. Likewise, high-risk contact tracing undertaken in the last 24 hours, based on the data is 2,352.

Moreover, with the fifth sero-survery data released a few days ago that highlighted how nearly 86% of the locals had developed covid-19 antibodies, experts have cautioned citizens to adhere to the covid-19 guidelines

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