Mumbai: Employees of Nair Hospital to go on hunger strike on June 1

Due to the non-implementation of the decisions taken during the discussion regarding the various questions, demands and difficulties of the employees of Nair Hospital with Dr. Neelam Andrade and the concerned authorities, unrest has increased amongst the hospital staff. 

A lot of dissatisfaction has arisen among the employees and in order to implement the decisions taken regarding the demands, the Class IV employees of all cadres under the leadership of the Municipal Mazdoor Union have decided to go on hunger strike by taking casual leave from the morning shift on June 1. It is likely to affect the system in the hospital. Out of 139 posts of Class IV workers in the establishment, about 51 posts are vacant. Even though nearly 40 percent of the posts are vacant, the fourth class workers for patient care are being given other jobs in addition to the office, establishment department and post. The authorities have given orders to give work to such workers as per their rank.

While all 26 posts of sweepers are filled, the work of the hostel has been given to a contractor. The administration is giving other tasks to the sweepers to help the contractor. 12 contract workers have been recruited on the vacant posts of class IV workers. However, it has been alleged by the workers that they have been given other work instead of the work of their post.

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It is necessary to provide separate female cleaners for cleaning common rooms and toilets of doctors, nurses and other female employees. But these works are being done by male sweepers. According to the policy of the Lad Committee, sweepers are exempted from educational qualification, caste certificate and caste verification certificate. But actually the same is being demanded from the scavengers.

The decision has been taken after discussion with Nair Hospital and Dental College Dr. Neelam Andrade and concerned officials regarding the queries, demands and problems of the employees of Municipal Mazdoor Union. But the administration is not ready to implement the decision. 

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A Demand Week was organised from April 24 to May 2, 2023 during lunch time from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm to bring attention to the demands of the workers. On this occasion a positive decision was taken after discussing the demands. But since this decision is not being implemented, the employees will take temporary leave from the morning shift on June 1, 2023 and go on a symbolic hunger strike in front of the office of the administrator, said Pradeep Narkar, assistant general secretary of the Municipal Mazdoor Union.

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